Find a treasure. Seek a story. Build a world.

Bringing Play to All

In NYC there is a huge gap in both the availability of free quality early childhood programs and part-time preschool options. Children in our public school system are not being given room to play at their own pace, or time to develop elaborate projects out of their own ideas. This is a nationwide problem, but is especially relevant in at-risk communities. We are committed to offering our program to all children.

Experiment & Investigate

At Find & Seek, children explore a wide range of open-ended arts materials with the guidance and support of art education specialists. Children develop their ideas into improvised stories, installations and performances. Our team facilitates the use of these tools for meaningful reflection, dialogue and inquiry. Adult/child collaboration and video documentation further help us to assess and guide trajectories.


Support & Partner 

We offer workshops in the  Red Hook Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, in a neighborhood still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. We are raising funds to offer our workshops for free to children ages 0-6.  Our partners include World Education Endeavor, the Alex House Project and Little Creatures Films. We are actively seeking schools and organizations that would like to work together, both in Red Hook and beyond.