Find a treasure. Seek a story. Build a world.

Bringing Play
to All

In NYC, economic inequality is vividly apparent when comparing public and private early childhood programs. All children need to be given room to play at their own pace, materials to tinker with, and time to develop elaborate projects out of their own ideas. We have responded to this crisis by facilitating play time in various locations and educating parents on the importance of play in healthy child development. We are collaborating with the Alex House Project and the Brooklyn New School Infant Toddler Center planning team to strengthen early childhood education in Red Hook Brooklyn. 

Experiment & Investigate

At Find & Seek, we facilitate young children's exploration of a wide range of open-ended arts materials. We transform environments to be more conducive to children's free exploration. We support teachers and families as they relate to their students/children through play. We help children to explore materials in new and unique ways, and we facilitate as they develop their ideas into improvised stories, installations and performances. Our toolbox includes an ever-expanding collection of loose parts which help children to access meaningful inquiry and reflection. 


Support &

Since 2012 we have offered materials exploration and story workshops for young children and caregivers. We have been hosted by schools and organizations such as Brooklyn Public Library (Big Brooklyn Playdate), Artscetera, BEAM Center and Paradigm Kids. Our current workshops are free for 1-3 year-olds, on Fridays at 10:30am at the Red Hook Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. We offer professional development for schools. We are developing partnerships with schools, museums and organizations around the world.