Magnets Ribbons Spools Tops & Tubes

Here are some videos of our first Play Lab at ArtsCetera! We explored magnets (“Magformers” specifically):

Why We Document

Much as the Reggio preschools have done with their creation of the role of teacher-researcher and dissemination of the explorations that take place in their schools through the traveling exhibition “The Wonder of Learning” (formerly “The Hundred Languages of Children”), Find & Seek functions as a venue for research about the way children play, create and learn. Kristin B. Eno, co-founder, is also the director of Little Creatures Films, where she produces films based on children’s imaginative play in the natural world, featuring children’s original voiceover narration. The original premise behind Little Creatures dovetails that of FInd & Seek: Children’s voices as they explore and investigate their world are fascinating, brilliant and poetic and need to be captured. We are designing Find & Seek to function as a more public home for the video production and editing that Little Creatures has been doing with and for children and teachers since 2001. These two entities will have a symbiotic relationship so that ultimately, Little Creatures can share with the world the wonderful explorations and stories that children develop during their time at FInd & Seek.